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‘Let your light shine.’ Matthew 5:16

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

SIAMS Report

SIAMS Inspection


We are delighted and very proud of our most recent SIAMS Report (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools) which took place in November 2021.


Some of the highlights:

The school is characterised by the tangible care that pervades the whole school community...


Everyone is valued inclusively with dignity and respect as precious children of God...


The quality of teaching in RE is consistently good or better, shown through school monitoring and verified during inspection...


...exceptionally close and mutually supportive relationships between church and school...


As put by a parent, ‘each individual feels part of a big family because everyone is valued and welcomed.’


Pupils care for and support each other with kindness and respect. As noted by a pupil, ‘We let our light shine to others by showing kindness’.


The school’s behaviour focus of ‘Care and persevere, show respect and be fair’, supports all in treating others as they wish to be treated. As a pupil said, ‘we let our light shine by respecting and valuing people who do not believe the same things as us’. Pupils are keen to challenge injustice and enjoy articulating the difference they make. They feel listened to and their viewpoints are treated with respect.


Key findings:


  • The whole school community share a clear Christian vision for the school. This vision, and associated values, underpin the whole life of the school and inform every decision that is made.


  • Waltham-on-the-Wolds School is a highly inclusive and caring community where every pupil is valued, nurtured and challenged as the unique person God created them to be.


  • The pupils’ needs are met effectively, including through the promotion of mental health. Pupils live out the vision and values through care for each other, social action and opportunities to challenge injustices.


  • Collective worship, springing from the Christian vision, is valued, biblical and affirming. It is developed and enriched by strong opportunities for pupil leadership. Collective worship influences the lives of both pupils and staff, enabling them to flourish.


  • Enquiry-based religious education (RE) develops curiosity through questioning, although expectations of what pupils will learn in each lesson sometimes lack clarity.


  • Staff strengths and expertise have been used to develop a cohesive and relevant curriculum. This is impacting positively on attitudes to learning, with pupils engaged and hungry to learn. Whilst opportunities exist that support pupils’ spiritual development, opportunities are sometimes missed as the school lacks a clear shared view of what spirituality means to them.


The full report can be read below.