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‘Let your light shine.’ Matthew 5:16

Enabling children to flourish and succeed


This includes children who have difficulties with:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Gross motor coordination
  • Fine motor coordination
  • It includes conditions such as dyspraxia, cerebral palsy and physical injury

Please see the Communication and Interaction section for sensory issues related to ASD/ Asperger’s


What can Waltham School offer?


For all children at Waltham:

  • Quality first teaching with appropriate differentiation through planning, organisation, delivery, task, outcome, support and resources
  • A distinctly Christian ethos that promotes British and Christian values, character education and inclusivity
  • Visual aids to support key vocabulary, concepts and themes
  • Focused and modelled group work with teacher / support staff e.g. systematic phonics and writing
  • Additional in class support from an adult
  • Access to clubs, including sport
  • Regular feedback and praise
  • Small class sizes
  • Opportunities to take on leadership roles, e.g. Worship leaders, sports ambassadors
  • Flexible teaching arrangements 
  • Access to medical support including school nurse
  • Equipment e.g. ear-defenders, pencil grips
  • Modified work
  • A large outdoor space, including playground, field, quiet areas, vegetable garden, woodland, etc
  • Active playtimes including optional organised activities with our sports assistant


Support for targeted groups of children at Waltham may include:

  • Additional motor skills groups
  • Additional handwriting groups
  • Physical literacy sessions with our sports assistant


Targeted individual support at Waltham may include:

  • Touch typing
  • Access to Outreach and medical support agencies via Leics LA
  • Flexible and scheduled sensory breaks from class
  • 1:1 support in class and at break times
  • Access arrangements for KS2 SATs