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Take One Picture: The Banquet

31 October 2016


On Monday 31st October, our two student teachers, Miss Wade and Miss Jones, kick-started our new Autumn Term topic. The topic is based around the painting ‘The Banquet’ by Sir James Dromgole Linton. Read more about the painting (external link).


Both teachers have planned and organised a cross-curriculum approach that is based around the painting ‘The Banquet’ for the term. Before the banquet began, the children researched and discussed the painting using ipads and books to find out all about Sir James Dromgole. To start the topic off with a bang, they held a breakfast banquet for Oak and Sycamore Classes.


Once the children had gained more knowledge of the painting, they then were told the rules of a Banquet. These rules were, always pass to the right, drinks must be placed on the left, children shouldn’t speak during the banquet and that your hand must be raised if you want to leave the table. Then, once the rules were understood, the banquet began. The feast included croissants, fruit and yoghurt, orange juice, breakfast bars and so much more. What a great way to learn about history.


One child said, "WThis has been such an exciting morning and I cannot wait to start this topic!"