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‘Let your light shine.’ Matthew 5:16

Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Pupil Leaders

We have fantastic children at Waltham, who have opportunities to hold various positions of responsibility in school aiming to serve each other and improve life in and around school.


Owl Ministers


Here at Waltham School we are proud to have an Owl Ministry; others may call it a school council. Our Owl Ministers are elected by fellow classmates.


Anyone in the school can become an Owl Minister as long as they are willing to give up at least one breaktime a week and are fully committed to helping others.


Every week, the Owl Ministers meet up and discuss ways to make the school a better place. They also nominate pupils who they think have done something extra-special that week and they are awarded the Owl Minister's Trophy in our Special Assembly. Being recognised by their peers is something very special our children.


Throughout the year they organise charity events to raise money for those in need.



The Owl Ministers are also passionate about ensuring our school stays a bully-free-zone! They work very hard with Miss Geeson and the other teachers.


They often speak to classes and in assembly about what bullying is and what children can do if they are being bullied; they even made their own leaflet for the children.


They work very hard to ensure that everyone is happy.


Worship Leaders


Sycamore Class love having the responsibility of being worship leaders.


They create their own assemblies based on the weekly theme. The rest of the school love the children's assembly. They always think of exciting ways to explain the theme of the week and often use Bible stories and drama as well as music and quizzes to help us think about our Christian values


They write their own prayers which help us to reflect on important messages from the assembly.



Play Leaders

Waltham School is like one big happy family where everyone looks out for one another and helps each other. Our Play Leaders are there to help organise games for the little ones. They sort out the playtime equipment and make sure everyone gets a fair turn. They are also there as a first point of call if children are feeling a bit unhappy at playtime, perhaps because their ball has gone over the wall.


Our Play Leaders do a great job in helping to keep playtimes happy for everyone.