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Keep your child safe over the festive period and beyond



Cannabis Edibles


We have been alerted by the Eastern Region Special Operations Unit to raise your awareness of cannabis edibles. They are packaged like sweets and chocolate; see below example. Eating just one sweet is equivalent to smoking one cannabis joint.


Due to being illegal in the UK, cannabis edibles are generally purchased through networks such as social media outlets including TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram. It is because of these modern communication methods for supply and purchase, young people are able to access cannabis edibles at the touch of a button. 


County lines gangs are using the illegal sweets to entice children and then exploiting them, which can also be done through social networking sites including Fortnight.


Children who are permitted by parents to use these platforms are particularly vulnerable and we advise you to take immediate action to protect your child/ren from serious harm. 


Please see parent leaflet on the dangers of cannabis edibles, with. Further information is on the police counter terrorism website.  A downloadable version is below.

E-Safety at Waltham School so that our light may shine safely

In the world of digital media, it is vitally important that we teach our children how to stay safe when they are using the internet- both in school and when at home.  Similarly, we appreciate that the rapid advances in technology means that adults need as much up-to-date, relevant information too. We endeavour to support parents through sending home regular updates in newsletters or leaflets and posts on our digital platforms including here.


Please refer to this regularly and let us know if there's a new App or game that the children are engaging with that may need us to check out. Safeguarding is everyone's business so if you have any concerns that a child you know may be at risk because of their internet use, please report it to the Head of School or directly to the First Response Children's Duty Team: 0116 3050005 /


Things you need to know


Children are taught how to report concerns or worries they have when using the internet. They are familiar with the following phase:


Important E-Safety Messages for Parents

Keep your child safe on Fortnite


You may be familiar with the popular video game Fortnite, the online shooter game. While it’s not automatically dangerous, it does carry some risks.


Please download the factsheet below to help you keep your child safe on Fortnite. It will help you to feel more informed, decide whether you’re happy for your child to play the game, and learn how to set up parental controls.

Keep your child safe on YouTube

Letter to all families

Online safety guide for parents

Simon Genders, Safeguarding and Development Officer at Leicestershire County Council presents a short awareness video for parents on online safety, outlining...

Useful Links


An interactive game for 8-10 yr olds

E-Safety Tips for Parents: Under 5

E-Safety Tips for Parents: 6-10

E-Safety Tips for Parents: 11-13