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Enabling children to flourish and succeed

Q13: How does the school know how much progress is being made by pupils with Special Educational Needs/Disabilities?

All children's progress, including those children or young people with a special educational need, is tracked using the school's assessment tracking system. We use a program called OTrack which enables us to monitor each individual child. Pupils are assessed regularly using teacher marking, observations and questioning as well as more formal assessments such as curriculum tests and standardised tests.


All children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities have their own target book. We call them M.O.Ts (My Own Targets.) The child agrees the target with the SENDCo or support staff, it is written in to their book and shared with the teacher and parent/s. Together, everyone helps the child to achieve the target; a new one is then set. This means targets are constantly reviewed and he children feels a sense of achievement more regularly.


The progress each child is making is discussed at pupil progress meetings with the class teacher, support staff and the SENDCo.